Scholarship Time!  We are pleased to announce the New Year Edition of the Brendan Lally Photography / MEDA Dance Training Scholarships!

The deadline for submissions is February 1, 2018.

Are you interested in applying? If yes, send an email to meda@medadance.com with the following content:

•  “Dance Scholarship” in the subject line

•  A phone number where you can be reached

•  A specific description of the training that your scholarship will be used for

•  An explanation of why you want to take this training (i.e. build confidence, develop dance stamina, learn a specific dance skill, expand your dance knowledge in a certain area, etc.)

•  As much information about your request as possible including dates, times, location etc.

Please be thoughtful in your submission; one-line or incomplete submissions will not be considered.


•  MEDA will award up to $200 per scholarship

•  Funds awarded are paid directly to the provider of the workshop or training that is identified in the scholarship application

•  Scholarships are open to current MEDA members who have been a member for a minimum of 6 of the last 12 months (if you’ve let your membership lapse, register now to become eligible to apply for the next scholarships!)

•  You may submit up to three different entries – only one entry per person will be selected

•  Requests for training within British Columbia will be given priority

•  Within 2 months of completing your training, you must submit an article describing how you used your scholarship – a MEDA board member will provide guidelines and assistance if needed (your article will be published in an issue of Sahda)

•  Entries meeting the above criteria will be reviewed and selected by a random draw by the MEDA Scholarship committee

•  Successful applicants may re-apply for future scholarships – failure to adhere to the guidelines may disqualify future applications

•  Note: members of the MEDA Board of Directors are not eligible to apply for the scholarship


Must be applied to the event identified in your application

Cannot be applied to past workshops or events

May be transferred to a different event only with written permission and agreement from MEDA (i.e.  in the case of event cancellation)

May not be combined from multiple years and applied to one event


We look forward to receiving your submissions. Winners will be announced February 14, 2018.  Good luck everyone!

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