The tireless volunteers behind the Middle Eastern Dance Association.




ATS Certified Sister Studio, teacher/performer.  Director of Belly Belly Hip Tribal Troupe since 2001.



Vice President

Carla Naar’s passion for dancing started at the young age of five when she took her first ballet classes. In 2002 she discovered bellydance and fell completely in love with this beautiful art form. Carla loves to learn and never misses an opportunity to study with great masters. Sharing this passion with her students is what she loves the most.  She is addicted to all things Egypt and loves to travel to the land of the dance.  On her spare time she can be found sewing costumes, playing with make-up or eating yummy things.  

Inez Clark (Betty Boop)



I have been involved in Middle Eastern dance nearly 20 years and have enjoyed every part of it.  When I started I thought of it as exercise but soon I was collecting shiny, glittery things and then performing in student nights and later on more public forums.  I have now been on the MEDA Board of Directors as Treasurer for about 5 years and I have made wonderful friends and love being involved in the organizational side of our events.




Kelly’s first classes were taken with 5 friends just for fun. That was over 10 years ago and she is the only one who continued and is still in the world of belly dance.

She is one of the founding members of the troupe Brass Raqs and is proud to say that as a group they are finding their own with a fusion of dance styles that make them anything but normal.

She is looking forward to working with MEDA and becoming more involved with the dance community.

Melody Jones


Membership Secretary

Ayanna started belly dance while she lived in Calgary as a way to get out, exercise and meet new people.  Who knew it would become her passion.  Dance has become her focus in life and she has been blessed with fabulous students and those who dance with her in her troupe Jawahir.  She also strongly believes she must have been a crow in a previous life as she can’t pass anything that is shiny or sparkly without stopping and that is why she started Ayanna’s Tent.



Special Events Coordinator

In her first class of Egyptian belly dance for beginners in 2009, all that she loved about dance from childhood came flooding back and is now what drives her passion as an adult.  She is one of the five founding members of the troupe Brass Raqs, which has enabled the fusion of all of their dance styles and their creative collaboration to become something that is completely unique.  She is honoured to be invited to be a board member, and given the opportunity to serve an artistic community who are so truly supportive and encouraging of each other.

Christine Walker


Web Mistress

Christine had her first exposure to bellydance as a student of Venus in the early 1980’s.  She loved the dance and of course the bling factor that went along with it! But life took her off on another path with her career in the insurance industry and over 20 years in the world of Schutzhund dog training in her leisure time. She always kept bellydancing in the back of her mind as something she would love to bring back into her life.  Now she is 7 years into her return to raqs sharqi bellydance and is also a member of the Y Belly Dance troupe.  She is truly grateful for the joy, laughter and friendships that this dance form has brought into her life and looks forward to the years ahead!


Public Relations

Allison started dancing when she was 5 years old studying ballet and jazz .  Her love of performing and dressing up, inspired her to stage a two-girl production of “The Nutcracker” with her best friend when she was 10.  Always a multi-tasker, Allison made the costumes, edited the music, played the Nutcracker AND the Sugar Plum fairy.

Shortly after the birth of her first son, in 2002 Allison decided to try middle eastern dance and she quickly fell in love with the music, the dance and of course the costumes.  Over the years Allison has studied everything from Raks Sharki to ATS and has performed in several troupes in the lower mainland.  She is a founding member of the tribal improv inspired trio Floreo, who are known for their performances with swords.   After a brief absence, Allison is thrilled to be back with the MEDA team.


Sahda Editor

Lisa is the Owner & Director of Ammara Dance Company in New Westminster and has been studying, teaching and performing Middle Eastern Dance for over 15 years.  Lisa has hosted and produced dozens of workshops and shows, and was co-producer/director of The 2014 Safar Conference of Middle Eastern Dance and Music in Vancouver. When she’s not on the dance floor, she’s probably creating something in the kitchen. With music playing really loud.


Member At Large

Co-founder of Eastside Hips Productions, teacher and performer, I dance as nina d.  I live with a wonderful guy and two insane cats (meet the Browns), putter in our garden, write, bike around the city, go camping (with the Browns in tow) and dance … as much as I can, as often as I can.





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