SAHDA – Quarterly Newsletter


SAHDA is the quarterly newsletter which is free to all MEDA members. It is published in January, April, July and October on the 1st of each month. Every current member receives an electronic copy of the publication through their MemberPlanet account.

Information in SAHDA is comprised of educational articles that are deemed to be of interest to our members, including topics such as dance, music, events & reviews, costuming and history. Themes and topics are also reflected and supported through our YouTube channel, with new playlists being added in conjunction with the SAHDA publication.

We invite your contributions to and thoughts on our newsletter! If you have an idea for a theme or topic, or have an article or video to share, please email  Submissions must be received no later than the 15th of the month prior to publication for inclusion. (eg. Dec. 15th is the deadline for the January issue.)  For articles, please attach a Word document or Google Doc link to your email.  For advertisements & photos, please send in either JPEG or PDF file formats.  For videos, please include the YouTube link in your email and provide some information and context about the video.

Advertising in SAHDA is FREE for MEDA members


If you have an event (show or workshop) please email a PDF or JPG to for single full-page inclusion. Remember that SAHDA is published quarterly, so ensure your event has not passed prior to the next publication date. Expired events will not be published.

Non-MEDA member rate for advertising is $5 for a full-page

Teacher listings are FREE for MEDA members


Teacher listings are published in the January and July issues of SAHDA only. (Teacher and Performer listings are available on the website throughout the year, and updated twice yearly.) To submit your listing, please go to the “Find a Teacher” page and fill out the form indicated. You can submit your listing at any time.

Monthly Bulletin


MEDA members receive monthly bulletins via their MemberPlanet account. Bulletins include upcoming events, special announcements, reminders and other important information pertaining to MEDA activities. If you have an event that you would like listed, please go to the “Event Calendar” page and submit the form with your event’s information.

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